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Muse Nutrition focuses on the diet and science of food and of the digestive system in relations to all your other body systems, as well as taking into account your lifestyle, support networks, mental and emotional health, and medical history to understand the root of your health concerns in order to support your health goals. Some of the health areas Muse Nutrition specializes in include weight management, inflammation caused by free radicals or diseases, support for chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases, depression and anxiety management, aging and hormonal balance, and digestive health. Muse’s position on these areas is a neutral position whereby clients are given the education and resources to make the most informed decisions that best supports their lifestyle needs, and health and wellness goals.

Nutrition Practitioners Comparison Chart
Holistic NutritionistDietitianNaturopath
Main FocusYour physical health from a nutrition perspective in relations to your entire being.Your physical health from a nutrition perspective.Your physical health from a medical perspective.
Areas of SpecializationPhysical health from a holistic nutrition perspective that takes into account your entire being including your mental and emotional health, lifestyle, diet, and family and personal medical history in order to properly support your health goals and diagnosed medical conditions.Physical health from a nutrition therapy and counseling perspective to support an individual's physical health goals and to treat diagnosed medical conditions.Physical health from both a natural medicine and pharmaceutical standpoint.
ApproachIdentify root causes to your health challenges to better support your health goals holistically through diet, supplementation, mental and emotional stress management, and lifestyle changes.Treat your physical health challenges to support your health goals through mainly food and supplementation.Identify root causes to your health challenges to better support your physical health.
Diagnose Physical Illnesses or DisordersNoNoYes
Perform Medical ProceduresNoNoYes
Prescribe MedicationNoNoYes
Relationship LengthShort or LongShort or LongLong
Regulatory BodyCanadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners
College of Dietitians of British Columbia
Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

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When people think of nutrition, most people may only think of physical health, but our physical health is very much integrated with our mental and emotional health. Muse Nutrition takes a holistic approach to your health by requesting and reviewing your entire health history including medications and supplements, surgeries and hospitalizations, mental and emotional health including stress management and support network, 7-day food diary, relevant test results, and basic family health history.

There are fives nutrition packages to choose from that addresses a number of areas including your immediate main health concerns, your short term health goals, and your long term health goals. Click here to find out what each package includes.

Click here for a sample Health Assessment & Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol (including Meal Plan and Recipes).

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By choosing a nutritionist you are making an investment in your health and wellbeing. Since everyone’s body composition, and health and medical histories are different, in order for me to better understand you, your needs, and your expectations, please click the link below to fill out a brief form. Once I receive your form, I will in be touch with you to talk about next steps, and how we will strategize on helping you get to where you want to be.

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