Muse Approach

Whether it is through life coaching, nutrition, or yoga, my holistic health and wellness collective approach empowers you to discover and live your most fulfilling life by connecting you to your deepest values and your highest vision. When you connect to your values and vision, and ultimately, your life purpose, you will notice how you make decisions and the decisions you make will come from a life of authenticity. You will become clearer, more resourceful, and more motivated. And living an authentic and intentional life will not only change your perception of yourself and of the world, but it will also dissolve limiting beliefs and its hold on you.

To guide you through your self-discovery journey, whether it is life coaching, nutrition, or yoga, I approach each person and each session by the following five Milton H. Erickson guiding principles that I believe surrounds you and are within you. In addition to Erickson’s five principles, I also believe that you have limitless potential to make your life truly yours.

In our time together, I will use a series of questions and guided self-discovery exercises to help you create new thought patterns, behaviours, and habits that positively contribute to you and the life you want to live. The exercises are also meant to give you practical tools and insights that you can implement in your life beyond our time together.

While I will be asking the questions and providing the exercises, it’s important to note that you are the driver. You are the driver of your life, and you are the driver of our time together. All exercises are invitational and optional, and you are allowed to take the sessions as deeply and as far as you want. I do encourage you to approach our time together with an open mind and an open heart, as that is when change really begins.

New thought patterns, behaviours, and habits will eventually result in permanent lifestyle changes. And to ensure your permanent lifestyle changes are sustainable, we will approach your self-discoveries methodically and – specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, timely, and tangible.

According to Sigmund Freud, our mind is made up of three levels of consciousness – consciousness, sub-consciousness, and unconsciousness. Our consciousness makes up 10 percent of our brain usage and is used for concentration, learning new skills, and thinking. Our sub-consciousness makes up 50 percent of our brain usage, and is used to access our memory and habits, which also happens to store our experiences such as family patterns, and cultural and societal expectations. And lastly, our unconsciousness makes up the last 40 percent of our brain usage, and this is where our belief system resides, including our narratives, our perception of the world, and the stories that we created from our experiences and family patterns.

The work that we will do together throughout your journey is to get through your consciousness and sub-consciousness, and into your unconsciousness. Once we have reached your unconsciousness, we are in a position to change your belief systems, and create new narratives and new perceptions of yourself and of the world. It is the perfect state of mind for transformation. Belief systems are limiting because they are based on your present and the past. What we want to do is move away from that and into your vision, which is much more powerful as your vision is limitless because it is based on your present and future.

Lifestyle changes take approximately 90 days to become permanent. And they become permanent by you learning how to consistently, unconsciously, and intuitively leverage your values and vision to create intentional action steps that support your authentic self and the life you want to live. As you learn new skills, and new ways of being and thinking, you may experience a variety of emotions and that’s okay. Positive permanent change takes time, practice, and commitment.

Should emotions come up during your journey, and they do come up, don’t hold back. Ride through your emotions and get curious as to what and why you are experiencing what you are experiencing with self-compassion and kindness. The space we create together is safe for you to express and explore your emotions.

As we progress along our time together, you will know that you have grown and changed. Before, during, and after our time together, I will be taking a pulse check to see where your satisfaction levels are at in relations to key areas of your life that you want to work on. The pie chart below, called a Life Wheel, is what is used to measure your satisfaction levels. The slices within the life wheel will differ for everyone and will also differ depending on what services you purchase. If you purchase a nutrition package, your life wheel slices may include sleep, stress management, support network, meal planning, weight management, and diet. If you purchase a yoga package, your life wheel slices may include emotional wellbeing, physical strength, flexibility, spiritual wellbeing, stress management, and clarity. And if you purchase a life coaching package, your life wheel slices may include some of the categories below.

By the end of our time together, you will discover that you are your own true healer, creator, and master of your own universe. It’s not me. It’s not a medical doctor, or a therapist, a counselor, or even a self-help book. It’s you. All that I ask of you is that you approach our time together with an open mind, open heart, and a willingness for positive change.

Be Your Muse

If you are ready to take the first step towards your future, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Complete one or a combination of the intake forms below.

Life Coaching Intake FormNutrition Intake Form Yoga Intake Form

Step 2: Once you have submitted your intake form, please schedule a complimentary 15-minute meet-and-greet for us to get to know each other. The meet-and-greet will be conducted over a video conferencing.


Step 3: After our meet-and-greet, and we agree to work together, please purchase a session or package. And please read over the cancelation policy thoroughly.


Step 4: Once you made your purchase, please schedule your sessions up to one month in advance.


Thank you for giving me a space to step out of the gloom that has followed me throughout the year. You have helped spark the positive joy that was hiding in my heart.


I am so very blessed to have met you. You have such an amazing vibe.


Edmond, you are so professional and calm in conducting yourself.


You are so kind and pure. Your fearless attitude and honest humour are incredible.


How can I repay you? Money does not express the gratitude that comes from the heart. You have guided me from a place of confusion, frustration, and just plain “in my head” to enlightenment, brightness and clarity. We all have the tools to accomplish this, but without your help, I was like a deer in headlights! Just stuck. When life gets tough, I feel safe to know that you are there for me.

Janice M

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the insight you have provided me and my mom. My life just wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep being you and rocking the personality and attitude of a total star. You’re a bright light in my life.

Ginny M

If you’re willing to do the work, this could be an opportunity to gain some valuable insights.


You have a natural gift to uplift a room. Thank you for always bringing the joy and making us smile and laugh.


Edmond is a patient, wise and empowering life coach. He is passionate about helping others discover the best versions of themselves. I was unclear as to what life coaching was at first. I had it confused with psychotherapy. Edmond gently and expertly guided me through our session where I gradually realized the difference between the two. I was now able to find tangible solutions to my concerns. Edmond enlightened me to ways where i felt like I could be in control and work towards achieving my goals. Thank you Edmond for helping me remember the version of me I strive to be!

Christina T

You never cease to surprise me with your strength, creativity and heart of gold.

Melissa M

Edmond has helped me establish multiple ways to approach the problems that have slowed me down from living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Being involved in solving my own problems with Edmond is much more effective than blindly following the advice of a therapist.

Willie L

Thank you for gifting me with your presence, your love and support.

Michelle L

Edmond has natural coaching abilities that have helped me to identify and achieve goals that are in alignment with my authentic self. He has a remarkable gift for tuning into underlying issues that are causing roadblocks, and he uses this insight to plan the best course of action. Edmond’s practice is rooted in compassion and a holistic approach that respects my mind’s practical wishes while uncovering my heart’s desires. Not only has Edmond helped me to craft effective action plans, but he has also guided me through a journey of self-exploration that has been empowering and healing.

Laura J

Thank for being so supportive over the year. You inspire me to do better and work harder.


Edmond has the uncanny ability to get to the core of what I really want even when I’m uncertain. As a coach he asks powerful and thought-provoking questions and helps keep me on track, organized, accountable and be a more resourceful version of me - which is exactly that I am looking for to take me to the next level.

Charina C

If you are seeking a well-organized wellness workshop with tangible results for you individually, the workshop should be your first choice.

Rick Fitzgerald

You are one of the most fearless people I’ve ever met. You inspire me to push forward and never stop striving to reach my dreams.


You are so confident in yourself. It is inspiring.


Edmond, you are fantastic and a ray of golden sunshine. You brighten up the room as soon as you step in.


I love you so much, you have the best vibe.


Edmond is a gifted facilitator and he is able to help you discover your genuine core values and create clear action steps to fulfill your life.