Muse Life Coaching

Coaching focuses on the present and future to propel you into the life you have always wanted to live, whereas counseling, psychiatry, and psychotherapy focuses on the present and past. Muse Life Coaching takes a neutral and solutions focused approach whereby you are guided through a series of deep belief changing vision exploration exercises, as well as powerful questioning techniques to integrate your sense of purpose and values in motivating and compelling ways to create powerful and attainable futures.

A good professional coach does not tell a client what to think, feel, believe, or do, nor does a coach give their personal opinions. Instead, through series of powerful deep questioning by the coach, it will allow you to relax into your sub-consciousness, which is where your deepest values and vision of yourself and your future resides. By tapping into your sub-consciousness, it will not only allow you to become resourceful, but it will enable you to connect your action steps that contributes to the life you want to live to the person who you are inside and the person you want to become.

Muse Life Coaching’s transformational coaching specializes in areas of identity and values exploration, personal development, lifestyle transitions, pivotal life moments, sexual orientation, self-love and relationships, and career transitions. Muse Life Coaching takes an inclusive, compassionate, and non-judgmental approach whereby you are seen as whole and unbroken, behind every behaviour is a positive intention, that you are is okay, and that you have the resources within you to make positive changes in your life.

The structure and pace of our work together will allow you to become courageously vulnerable so that you can create the space within your sub-consciousness to unveil, live, and share your life purpose. And in order for you to fully benefit from the program, your full participation, open-mindedness, and readiness and willingness for positive change and growth in your life is highly encouraged so that you can create specific, sustainable, measureable, attainable, realistic, and tangible results from your hard work and efforts.

By choosing a life coach you are making an investment in your future. Since everyone has different dreams, goals and aspirations, in order for me to better understand you, your needs, and your expectations, please click the link below to fill out a brief form. Once I receive your form, I will in be touch with you to talk about next steps, and how we will strategize on helping you get to where you want to be.

Life Coaching Questionnaire