Muse Dahlia Flower Logo

We often look externally for validations as a measurement of our worth. But what if we looked within ourselves for the love, courage, and acceptance that we need to create the life that we want to live?

The Muse logo is a mandala in the shape of a blooming white dahlia flower. The Muse dahlia flower mandala represents an individual’s wholeness in relations to the universe, and their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical journey and growth through time and space. The centre of the flower represents an individual’s core, and the blooming rings of petals surrounding the individual represents their flourishing journey. As they grow brighter, so does their positive reach and inspiration to others.

Muse chose the dahlia flower as its logo because it symbolizes inner strength, creativity, change, and sacred values, all of which are important attributes required for positive growth. Additionally, a white dahlia, such as in the case of the Muse logo, represents focused pure intentions, another important factor in positive change.

I believe we all have the capability and capacity within us to live the life we want. We just have to believe we can and are worthy enough to live that life.

Be your muse.

Edmond T Cheng,
Founder of Muse Life Guide

How can I repay you? Money does not express the gratitude that comes from the heart. You have guided me from a place of confusion, frustration and just plain "in my head" to enlightenment, brightness and clarity. We all have the tools to accomplish this, but without your help, I was like a deer in headlights! Just stuck. When life gets tough, I feel safe to know that you are there for me.

Janice M

Edmond is a patient, wise and empowering life coach. He is passionate about helping others discover the best versions of themselves. I was unclear as to what life coaching was at first. I had it confused with psychotherapy. Edmond gently and expertly guided me through our session where I gradually realized the difference between the two. I was now able to find tangible solutions to my concerns. Edmond enlightened me to ways where I felt like I could be in control and work towards achieving my goals. Thank you Edmond for helping me remember the version of me I strive to be!

Christina T

Edmond has helped me establish multiple ways to approach the problems that have slowed me down from living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Being involved in solving my own problems with Edmond is much more effective than blindly following the advice of a therapist.

Willie L

Edmond has natural coaching abilities that have helped me to identify and achieve goals that are in alignment with my authentic self. He has a remarkable gift for tuning into underlying issues that are causing roadblocks, and he uses this insight to plan the best course of action. Edmond's practice is rooted in compassion and a holistic approach that respects my mind's practical wishes while uncovering my heart's desires. Not only has Edmond helped me to craft effective action plans, but he has also guided me through a journey of self-exploration that has been empowering and healing.

Laura J

Edmond has the uncanny ability to get to the core of what I really want even when I’m uncertain. As a coach he asks powerful and thought-provoking questions and helps keep me on track, organized, accountable and be a more resourceful version of me – which is exactly that I am looking for to take me to the next level.

Charina C

Edmond is a gifted facilitator and he is able to help you discover your genuine core values and create clear action steps to fulfill your life.


If you are seeking a well-organized wellness workshop with tangible results for you individually, the workshop should be your first choice.

Rick Fitzgerald

Edmond, you are so professional and calm in conducting yourself.


You are one of the most fearless people I’ve ever met. You inspire me to push forward and never stop striving to reach my dreams.


You are so confident in yourself. It is inspiring.


Edmond, you are fantastic and a ray of golden sunshine. You brighten up the room as soon as you step in.


You have a natural gift to uplift a room. Thank you for always bringing the joy and making us smile and laugh.


I love you so much, you have the best vibe.


Thank for being so supportive over the year. You inspire me to do better and work harder.


If you’re willing to do the work, this could be an opportunity to gain some valuable insights.


Thank you for giving me a space to step out of the gloom that has followed me throughout the year. You have helped spark the positive joy that was hiding in my heart.


You are so kind and pure. Your fearless attitude and honest humour are incredible.